Waiting for our next big sale? Don't. It's not coming.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas have all come and gone, but still the prices on Contacts Asia are unchanged. So when is the next big sale? New Year? We've been asked a lot recently about this, which is sale season, so we're here to answer that question!

And the answer is: never.

We can already hear the indignant cries of our customers-to-be, so today's article will talk about this strange Contacts Asia policy, and why it works out to be better for everyone in the long-term.

People need contact lenses all year round.

Imagine being hit by a car. As you are being wheeled into the operating theatre, the doctor says: "Hey sir, I'm just wondering if you'll like to hold on till Black Friday? We're offering a 30% hospital-wide discount for all major operations, including fractures!"

Sounds absurd? While not nearly as serious, contact lenses are medical devices. We want to make sure you can buy your lenses anytime you need them at the same great price.

Discounts have to come from somewhere.

Profit margins on contact lenses are low, so what do we have to do to be able to give you 20% off on Black Friday? Yup, you guessed it. We'll have to raise prices by 20%.

That is why you see shops that are always on sale. Black Friday sale! Christmas sale! Halloween sale! Post-halloween sale! 11.11 sale! 12.12 sale! Half the year you are paying what is a reasonable price, the other half you pay an extra 20%.

It's a method that works, but to us it is irresponsible to entice people to buy a medical device with discounts. Contact lenses should never be an impulse buy.

The Contacts Asia promise

We decided to offer a simple, no-frills system.

No discounts, no bulk pricing, no hidden prices.

This means that when we price our contact lenses, it will always be the lowest we can go while making a small profit. How low? How does 40% off retail shop prices sound?

And as for you, this means that you do not have to worry about buying at the right time, or committing to 12 boxes when you are not ready to. Just buy what you need, when you need it. Buying contact lenses should be that simple!

In parting, our spokesman Bruce Banner has this to say: