Good news, our far-sighted friends!

Hyperopia, or far-sightedness, is the opposite of myopia. It means that you are able to see far objects clearly, but your eyes have difficulty focusing on near objects like books or your phones.

Why we didn't have far-sighted contact lenses before

Traditionally, the Asian population has been predominantly myopic. Myopia rates can be as high as 90% among the young, urbanised population. Far-sightedness was mostly something that affected the older generation, and then again it wasn't as important to have contact lenses for them as the older folks are usually happy to just pop on their reading glasses when they need to read something.

This is why Contacts Asia, for the longest time, did not have far-sighted (+) contact lenses displayed on our site. We barely sold them when we were distributors.

A change in our customer base

Since moving to a direct-to-consumer business model, we are starting to see people from all walks of life visit us. Mostly our western friends, who have a much higher hyperopia rate than us Asians. And in this day and age, when we are so dependent on digital devices, even Asians are starting to require hyperopia lenses. Thus we made the decision to include + lenses in our product range!

Ordering far-sighted contact lenses

Unfortunately we still do not stock many far-sighted contact lenses as the market is still small, so far-sighted orders will usually take an additional 2 - 3 days to process. This is because they usually need to be sent to us from our partners. But don't worry, there will not be any additional costs involved!

Here at Contacts Asia, we are always looking out for ways we can serve you better, and this change is to help a small but important group of customers. If you have any requests you would like to see on our site, just feel free to contact us!

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