Daily, fortnightly or monthly lenses. Which is for you?

Daily lenses, fortnightly lenses and monthly lenses. What is the difference and which is the one for you? Today's technology means that daily lenses are more affordable than ever before, and can also fix issues like astigmatism and presbyopia, so for most people, daily is what we'll suggest.

We list the benefits of each type of lens below so you can decide which is the lens for you.

Daily lenses

- Maintenance-free.
You pop them in and throw them out when you're done. What maintenance?

- Reduced risk of infections and injuries
You eliminate almost 99% chances of infections or injuries due to poor cleaning of lenses. For extended wear lenses, it does not matter if you come home dead tired or the conditions are not suitable for cleaning a tiny lens. You HAVE to do it. Are you ready for that commitment?

- Affordable to lose.
Are you a sportsperson? Losing a lens when you fall during surfing or jumping can be much more expensive with a monthly lens than a cheap daily lens.

- You won't mix your right and left eye up.
Since you throw your lenses away everyday, you will always wear your lenses out of clearly-labelled blister packs.

- You won't have to remember when you need to replace them, and are much more affordable for casual users.
You must replace your fornightly/monthly lenses after a certain duration, no matter how many times you had worn them. For daily lenses, you just replace them when you run out. This can make a huge difference if you wear lenses only once or thrice a week.

Fortnightly/monthly lenses

- You can take them out as many times as you want.
You can wear your lenses at home, take them out in the office, wear them again when heading home, and take them out at home. Daily lenses are not designed to be worn again after removal, so doing so can get real expensive with daily lenses.

- They cater to those of us with really strange prescriptions.
For some people who have really uncommon prescriptions that are not produced for daily lenses, we're short of luck and have to stick with fortnightly/monthly lenses.

- They tend to not dry out as quickly as dailies.
For those of us with sensitive eyes, dailies can feel dry at the end of the day as fortnightly/monthly lenses tend to be thicker and hold more water.

- They are generally more affordable for regular users.
If you wear lenses every day, fortnightly/monthly lenses tend to be cheaper than daily lenses. As much as daily lenses have become much more affordable, it's still 60 lenses vs 2 lenses for a month.

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