Your life is about to get easier.

Welcome, fellow less-than-perfect-eyesight person! We know contact lenses can be expensive, and sometimes a pain to get, but here at Contacts Asia, we aim to make it that much easier and cheaper for you!
Here are some things you might want to know before embarking on this journey with us. 
1. Prescription
The most important thing to note about contact lenses, is that they are a medical product designed to sit on the most sensitive organ on your body. So please, for your sake, do get your eyes examined by an optician before purchasing them. Contact lens prescriptions are usually slightly different from eyeglass prescriptions, and will usually also include a base curve, diameter and contact lens recommendation.
While we do not require you to submit a prescription before purchase, please do your eyes a favor and get them checked!
Click here to learn how to easily check your prescription, whether you are a new or existing lens wearer.
2. Stock availability
Contact lenses do have an expiry date, which is why many contact lenses are not stocked, except for the common prescriptions. By not stocking the uncommon prescriptions, we are able to reduce wastage and keep prices low. This will also guarantee you always receive lenses with at least 2 years of shelf life on them.
Myopia (short-sighted) lenses are usually available, but astigmatism lenses will usually need to be custom-made. Hyperopia (long-sighted) lenses are not commonly available in Asia, due to the Asian population being myopic, so these will also have to be ordered.
3. Waiting times
So what happens when there is no stock? We order the lenses directly from the manufacturer. Most of them are located in Ireland, and should your lenses require to be custom-made, they will be put into a queue for custom lenses. Should the manufacturer have them in stock, they will be shipped to us in the next batch. There is no extra cost involved, just a longer waiting time. Click here to see how long you can expect to wait for your contact lenses.
All in all, buying contact lenses online isn't all that difficult at Contacts Asia. But we do suggest buying early to avoid any last minute panic from your contact lenses not arriving on time. Once you are a regular, we do suggest buying more at a time, it is much less of a hassle.

Do drop us a message should you have any queries, and we will do our best to help you any way we can!

The Contacts Asia Team