It's been 2 years now since the pandemic. Welcome to the new normal.

2021 is coming to an end, and the world is slowly recovering, and so are we! The good news is that shipping has resumed to most countries, but in the wake of the pandemic, buying contact lenses are a little different now. Let's take a look.
1. Stock availability
First off, please know that this is a global problem. Major manufacturers and distributors all over the world have been hit hard as lockdowns mean people stay at home and don't wear contacts. This means that even distributors like us do not hold stock except for the common prescriptions, so if you wear astigmatism or presbyopia contacts, you will almost definitely need to wait for them.
2. Waiting times
So what happens when there is no stock? We order the lenses directly from the manufacturer. Most of them are located in Ireland, and the lack of flights between Europe and Hong Kong means that time is needed for the lenses to reach us. The factories are also operating at lower capacities due to tightened regulations. Click here to see how long you can expect to wait for your contact lenses.
3. Prices
Prices have increased quite a bit since the pandemic due to a lack of stock, but you will notice that most of the prices on our website are mostly unchanged. That is because we are absorbing these increases to help everyone through this tough times, and are just hanging on till things get back to normal. Our reduced profit margins, however, mean that we are not able to support free shipping for 2 boxes of contacts now, and will be changing to a minimum of 4 boxes for free shipping.
4. Country-specific problems
Philippines: Postal services are pretty erratic in Philippines now. Most packages are delivered as per normal while some are delayed for weeks. Strangely, most customers whose packages seem to be 'stuck' are able to find them by going down to their local post office to collect it themselves. If you are in a hurry, we will suggest paying more for DHL.
Thailand: Packages are generally sent on time, but the recent SOP of Thailand Post staff seems to be to leave the parcels at the security post or management office. So keep an eye on your tracking, and if it says delivered but you have not received it, check with your condo staff.
Indonesia: No delays generally, but do note that Indonesia customs seems to be more diligent in collecting taxes now. About one in five packages get stopped by customs, and while the tax amount isn't very much, it can be annoying to deal with.
Cambodia: All postal services to Cambodia have been suspended as of now, so you will have to upgrade to DHL. Good news is that shipping times are still very fast, but please note that you will need to provide your new 6 digit postal code, not the old 5 digit one.
Japan/Taiwan/Singapore/Hong Kong: So far everything seems to have gone back to normal, and we do not see very major delays in shipping.
All in all, wearing contacts should not be much more different than before! The only difference is that we will suggest you buy early, and buy more at one go. That will save you a lot of headache and panic. Let's fight this pandemic together!

The Contacts Asia Team