How long do I need to wait for my contact lenses?

This question, unfortunately, isn't so straightforward. It will depend on the type of lens you had ordered, and whether or not your prescription is in stock. Click on your type of lens below to learn more about the wait time for your contact lenses.

Regular near-sighted lenses are almost always in stock, and usually have a processing time of a day. For some of you with really high powers, an additional day or two might be required, but rarely.

Asia is a predominantly myopic population, where myopia rates can hit as high as 90% in some countries. Far-sightedness is actually much rarer, which is why distributors in Asia do not stock them. As such, far-sighted lenses often take at least 3-5 days to process, and possibly longer (up to 5 weeks) if your power is not readily available from the manufacturer.

Astigmatism lenses are rarely stocked due to the vast number of possible configurations they may have. A single brand may have over 4000 possible prescriptions, it's impossible to stock them all!

For most prescriptions, we are able to obtain the lenses from the manufacturer in about 3-5 days time. For you really cool people with ultra-rare prescriptions (we're talking one in 20,000!), your contact lenses will need to be custom-made at the manufacturer. There are no additional costs to this service, but this can mean an extra wait time of 1 week to over a month. If this is the case for you, we will contact you to see if you would like to go ahead with the order.

Multifocal lens users are not very common (you special one!), so these lenses are usually not in stock at our warehouse. That said, we can still obtain them from the manufacturer pretty quickly, but that involves an additional 2-3 days wait.

Buying your contact lenses 1 month in advance is our recommendation:
  • It is the easiest to remember: just order once you are down to your last box (or last lens, if you are wearing monthlies).
  • One month is more then enough time for most people to use the free shipping option, so you save money there!

We hope that gives you an estimate of the waiting times that might be required for your particular type of contact lens. That's why we always recommend you to order early when buying contact lenses. We ship our lenses with several years of shelf life before expiry, so ordering early definitely wouldn't hurt.