Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first director's blog post. This blog post will be the first in a series of blog posts that would be more personal, and less corporate, but I hope it gives you a better look at the inner workings of your (hopefully!) favorite contact lens store.

Who are you?
I am Kelvin, and I am the founder and director of Contacts Asia. I love spiders, nature, gaming and my family. I wish I could tell you I love contact lenses and want to cure myopia one contact lens at a time, but really, it is just a business, and I'm here to make money. But in the midst of doing so, I do want to feel like I am doing society a benefit.

What did you do before Contacts Asia?
I had spent 5 years in China doing web development work with a few people I called my family. I had complete trust in them, I never asked about our finances, I never took any money to keep for myself. I just spent what I needed on food and entertainment, and let them handle every single cent. I never knew how much was in our account, but our turnover was over a million. I felt I was as happy as I could be, working together with people I was so close to.

Back to square one.
Things changed in 2019, when my father fell into really ill health and I had to head back home to be with him. That was when I realized that the people I had once been so close to, barely contacted me once I was not of use to them. I constantly gave myself excuses that they were probably busy, that they were handling a lot of work I left behind. Even after my father died, I continued convincing myself of that. But after a while, I guess I have to wake up. I had lost the best friends I know, lost my father, lost my way of life. It was back to square one as I decided to stay home to look after my mother.

Moving on
Did I regret the last 5 years? Yes and no. I am still recovering from the emotional pain now. I don't know if I ever will. But we had good times, I had grown much as a person, and I met my beautiful wife there. My wife has been my pillar of support, and I never would have made it to today without her. I can only put my regrets aside now, and work as hard as I can to provide a better life for her. To be honest there was a time when I felt I can never trust anyone again, but my wife's unwavering support and love brought back the person I was: A trusting person who sees the good in everyone. I am a little more careful now, and hopefully smarter, but this whole experience has shown me how much I value trust, honesty, and loyalty and that is the core values I want my company to have. Hence this blog!

I'll talk a bit more about the founding of the company, the people (and spiders) in it in the coming posts, but that's about enough verbal diarrhea for now.