Free glasses with contact lens purchased

You've got to take off your contact lenses at some point, but that doesn't mean you have to be fumbling around without them!

Get a free pair of glasses the first time you shop with us.
These oversized glasses are available in the following degrees:
Free Glasses

Yes they are! The reason we are able to give them away for free is because these are factory-produced glasses, unbranded and plastic. This means they are really cost-effective to produce! That said, we still make a small loss on every order shipped with these free glasses, which is why this offer is whilst stocks last. This is our little way of thanking all of you for your years of support, and to celebrate the year 2020, which is the dream year for bad optometrist puns.

Unfortunately, you can't. Like we said, these are factory-produced glasses, which means they are only made in the powers shown above. As such, we do not recommend them for all-day use, they are just great to have as you are taking a break from contact lenses, or even as a spare or beater pair for activities like hiking.

We usually suggest getting the pair which is lower than your current power. This is usually much more comfortable to wear as you rest your eyes.

Yes they come with a small carrying case!

This means that as long as you are a customer of Contacts Asia, you can exchange these anytime you place a new order, no reason required! Simply ship them back to us, and we will send you a new pair for free with your next order. You will be liable for your own shipping fees sending them back, but we will ship them with your lenses at no extra cost.

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