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Too Tight

A base curve that is too small can cause the lens to sit too tightly on the cornea. Mild symptoms might include discomfort or dry/itchy/red eyes, but it can also block off oxygen supply or even damage the cornea. That's why some people claim that lenses make their eyes feel dry or turn red, sometimes it's just because they are wearing a wrong base curve.

Just right!

A base curve that is just right allows the lens to sit properly and work as it should. This means comfortable eyes and great vision! Lenses nowadays are softer and more pliable so sometimes you might not even notice your base curve is wrong, but we recommend to always have an eye doctor prescribe your contact lenses suitable for you before buying from us.
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Too Loose

A base curve that is too big will cause the lens to not sit properly on the cornea. While less medically dangerous than wearing an overly-small base curve, it can still cause annoyance from the lens shifting around or poor vision. You may also notice your lenses get dislodged or fall off easily, especially when you blink.